The Terrible Beginning

On the 3rd of May, 2017, Josiah Kariuki succumbed to his struggle with depression and took his own life.
Nobody – least of all, the Kariuki family – saw it coming mainly because Josiah was an effervescent, energetic and jovial boy. He was the very life and joy of every family moment. A gentleman. The Kariuki family, and indeed, all their friends were stunned and completely devastated by his suicide. It was unfathomable. Unimaginable.
Josiah had been receiving help from a psychiatrist as well as a psychologist, yet even that effort could not save his life!

The Aftermath Of Josiah's Passing

The pain and helplessness that The Kariuki family felt in the dark days following Josiah’s death cannot be described in words. It’s something that continues to haunt them to this day. As a result of this trauma they decided that, if they can help it, no other family will ever go through similar pain. They vowed that the passing of this brilliant boy, with a beautiful spirit must open a new chapter in Kenya’s mental health space. This would give meaning to the ultimate price that Josiah paid, and ensure that his spirit would still live on and touch other families that are struggling with various forms of mental health. Against all odds and in true Josiah spirit, his family and his numerous friends bravely resolved that Josiah’s tragic parting would not be in vain.

Born from this raw pain and festering wound the Kariuki family established the Josiah Gathura Memorial Foundation. The Foundation seeks to help eradicate suicide amongst the youth by creating awareness around mental health, not only amongst the youth but also their parents, guardians, caregivers and teachers. The stigma around mental health in Kenya must be debunked and as such, the Foundation seeks to promote progressive ways of openly sharing mental health challenges and providing support.