Alone we can do so little.
Together we can do so much.

Our Vision

The Foundation has a vision to see a more informed and aware society that does not stigmatize those suffering from mental health disorders. It seeks to encourage open dialogue around this issue and create as many safe spaces within society as possible where conversation can happen freely All this is geared towards preventing suicides. The foundation will be driven by 3 key pillars which are:

awareness creation



As a key awareness vehicle, and in honor of their dear son, brother and friend, Josiah, the Foundation resolved to be holding an annual football tournament. The idea is to mobilize young people in a fun and engaging environment and create awareness about mental health through this very popular sport which Josiah loved. The Foundation will provide access to a host of professionals offering awareness clinics and personal therapy during the tournament.

Other activities will include public talk forums to drive demystification of mental illness, visitations to institutions of learning to avail forums where young people can engage in open discussions about mental health as well as make public to them the available avenues through which they can find professional help etc.

These ideas will form part of the short-term and long-term strategy for the foundation to drive awareness and destigmatization. This is how family and friends of Josiah choose to define the memory and legacy of the late Josiah, in the hope that these initiatives will save lives of other young people who would have otherwise succumbed to this social menace.

What We Want

These devastating statistics coupled with Josiah’s death are our driving force. We want Kenyans to live healthy and fulfilling lives, which for many may mean learning to cope with and treat their mental illness(es). The foundation aspires to see a scenario where mental health care in our society rises to levels where it is taken care of much like physical health such as communicable diseases. People are quick to watch what they eat, or even aim to exercise, but not as quick to take care of their mental health daily. A sound mental health is critical for our society to function normally.

The JGKM Foundation aims to eradicate suicide amongst the youth by undertaking activities that promote mental health through awareness creation, de-stigmatization and intervention.