Not many know of Wango Michael. He’s a good soul who leads a rehabilitation group called Kayole Reformers. The Foundation constantly looks out and seeks symbiotic relationships and partnerships with such groups with the objective of furthering its agenda and attaining its vision.

Kayole Reformes consist of young boys and girls from informal settlements around Kayole who are undergoing rehabilitation from criminality, drug addiction, prostitution, street life and those who have fled from abusive homes and crime prone environments. The group uses football as an agent of change. They also ensure that the rehabilitated youth acquire formal education and other tertiary skills. When not kicking the ball or studying, their free time is spent in other community-based activities such as communal cleanup exercises.

Together with this group, the Foundation organized a charity drive in April 2019. In preparation, the Foundation’s CoFounder Mrs. Catherine Kariuki (Fashionable step mum) mobilized her online fans to donate clothing for the Kayole Reformers Group and their families. The event featured friendly football matches, counseling and HIV Testing and mental health awareness talks. Food was served and drinks flowed and the donations – clothes – shared amongst the attendees, including fun activities for the young attendees such as magic and comedy shows.

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