Mental health has continuously become a prevalent issue in our society, and coupled with the rising number of suicides, we can no longer ignore it. Which is why we decided to actively play a part in this important global conversation.

Narrowing it down to our current situation, the whole Covid-19 situation has accelerated an already volatile situation. We are now battling additional complications to an already potentially-fatal illness. But we believe that we shall overcome.

A combination of a number of skills and preventive knowledge are important during this situation. These include:

Coping Strategies such as adjusting schedules, keeping busy while quarantined etc.
Self-Care Skills for example: Healthy eating, taking breaks, etc.
Maintaining community, such as by exploring online calls, reaching out when in a delicate frame of mind etc.
Seeking therapy for example by calling 1199, 1190 or 1195

There is a lot of knowledge present that could help cushion people against these times.

Which is what we are pursuing on our online platforms. Follow us on our Social Media pages for Free Online Group Therapy, Mental Health Information and links to mental health practitioners if you are in need of help.


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