Everything about our mental health begins at one common place.

And that place is self-awareness.

Without being self-aware, you lack the necessary tools to enable you to lead a healthy mental and emotional life. And without this, your physical health is also at risk.

This website is dedicated to equipping you with the necessary information you need to help you be more self-aware, hence starting you on the journey of mental health.

We will have eye-opening articles and also be sure to include links to even more articles and blogs geared towards endowing you with the knowledge you need to navigate this life, because it is not an easy one. We will have contacts to professional counsellors whom you can walk with on your own terms to help you deal with what you might be going through.

We also encourage you to seek counselling whether or not you feel there is something tangible that you need help with, because we are all broken in our own little ways and counselling helps us to be self-aware about our own brokenness and helps us know how to manage it in healthy ways.

We acknowledge that there’s already so much going on in your life, and we’ll do our best to add value to your life so this becomes a meaningful, safe haven for you.

It’s okay not to be okay.

But it’s not okay to remain not okay.

Please, talk to someone.

Talk to us.

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