The conversation on this day was “Understanding and Coping with Mental Health Illnesses” and it resonated so much with the audience that we deemed it best to continue with it in the second quarter.

For this session we switched up the panel. There was Dr. Chitayi Murabula, who is a Psychiatrist, Ruth Mwaura- Clinical Psychologist, Kennedy Lamu who is a pastor, Shem Wanyama who is a recovered addict and his brother. The moderator for this talk was Professor Marion Mutugi. The panel delved furthers into the intricate challenges of mental health.

The take away from this talk was that the mind is just as important as any part of our body and that it’s connected to the body and spirit in a psychosocial spectrum. And that these parts of our entire existence should remain balanced for us to be able to lead productive, healthier and more
fulfilling lives.

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