One of the most important and powerful aspects of life that drives and ensures our survival is our behavior. Our minds are designed in a way that automates key processes in our life in the form of habits. Subsequently, the continuous repetition of these habits lead to the construction of our behavior. In a quest to be efficient, the mind relies on this process.

For a moment I’d love you to imagine that you are out in the sun surrounded by green leafy trees while a gentle breeze elegantly brushes through your skin. The goosebumps that you feel at that very moment is a clear testimony that your imagination is as fresh as a daisy. With a finger licking meal by your side, shut your eyes and attempt to take a bite of your meal with your eyes closed.

The result of your imagination is that you should be able to successfully ingest a spoon full of your meal even with your eyes closed. There is no single person who would miss their mouth and end up feeding the spoon to their nose or eyes. It may seem obvious that this would be the result however, it is only so because your mind has automated that process of eating to the point where it is possible to literally do it with your eyes closed.

Therefore, we should be optimally conscious of the processes and habits that we frequently engage in and the fact that they shape our overall behavior. Ultimately, our mental health is at the mercy of our behavior. There are common behaviors that dent our mental health, they include, excess use of social media, musturbation, drug abuse e.t.c. The moment we integrate these behaviors and habits in our lifestyle, they are automated just as the spoon in the dark only that in this context they become counterproductive by damaging our mental health.

As young souls and minds, the necessity to identify and implement habits and behaviors that are progressive for our mental health is overwhelming. The tools at our disposal are a blessing that ought to go a long way in constructing our mindsets and not deconstructing them. Positive habits such as frequently working out, reading widely and meditation go a long way in pushing our minds to adapt the way of delayed gratification which simultaneously positively impacts our mental health. Therefore it is with the utmost importance that we must continue to identify and implement habits that are constructive in order to create a positive behavioral health for our lives.

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